Adjustable Ground Mounting System
  • Adjustable Ground Mounting SystemAdjustable Ground Mounting System
  • Adjustable Ground Mounting SystemAdjustable Ground Mounting System

Adjustable Ground Mounting System

This Adjustable ground mounting system is manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel and can be used on concrete foundations and flat soil. With multi-level adjustability, this flooring type has huge market advantages.

Brand : Egret Solar
Material :Q235
Color : Natural.
Lead Time:10-15 Days
Certification :ISO/SGS/CE
Payment :T/T,Paypal
Product Origin : China
Shipping Port :Xiamen

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Product Description

Xiamen Egret Solar New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new system that is suitable for most areas. The Adjustable ground mounting system combines optimal construction dimensions, short installation times and high-quality materials.
Choose the installation method according to the application scenario, perform multi-level adjustments, and use it with app detection. It solves the problem of power generation attenuation caused by changes in the sun's altitude angle from the summer solstice to the winter solstice. The strength is strengthened and optimized to adapt to harsher special environments.

Robust design and high-quality materials
The Adjustable ground mounting system relies on a semi-circular disc for angle adjustment by removing the bolts. The surface of the main material is coated to increase corrosion resistance and extend the service life of the solar power generation system.
Reliable solar panel solutions
We will provide customers with installation instructions and provide remote guidance.


Mount Type Concrete Based Solar Ground Mounting System
Installation Site Open Ground
Installation Angle 0°to 60°
Panel Solar panel for any size
Structural Materials Q235
Wind load Up to130mph(60m/s)
Snow load Up to 30psf(1.4KN/m2)
Panel direction Portrait or landscape

This system is mainly composed of Base, Columns,Beams, Rails, End Clamps,Mid Clamps, and Adjustable Discs,connect with bolts.Adjustable ground mounting system is cheaper and stronger than aluminum alloy systems


1. What are the specific features of the system?

Answer: The main material of this Adjustable ground mounting system is Q235, which is more stable and cheaper than aluminum alloy. The angle can be adjusted in multiple levels according to the installation environment, ensuring that the power generation capacity and revenue of the power station are maximized.

2. Is the system easy to install and adjust?

Answer: Most systems use internal hexagonal bolts and external hexagonal bolts, and only two people can complete the installation. When adjusting, just remove the bolts, turn the disc, and reinstall the bolts.

3. What are the material properties of this Adjustable ground mounting system?

Answer: Q235 is an inert material that does not easily react with other elements and can be used continuously for many years. The exact service life of the product will depend on factors such as weather conditions, maintenance and quality of installation.

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