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Easy Installation HDPE Plastic Solar Ballast Mount For Flat Roof and Ground Project


Egret Solar HDPE Plastic Ballasted Solar Racking System is suitable for flat surface, which will suitable for any flat surface and not damaged to surface. Fast and easy installation will help installer to save more installation time.

Products Benifits

Reliable and Environmentally Sound

100% Recycled and Recyclable

Impact and UV Resistant

Wind Tunnel Testing To Date (up to 150 mph)


Simple To Design Projects

Fits Common Aluminum Framed PV Modules

Stackable, Easy to Move and Ship

Design Customizable To Meet Roof Pressure Limitations

Quick, Easy and Cost

Efficient Install

Durable, Non Conductive Material

Safety and Security

Enclosed Ballast Tray

Evenly Distributes Weight Across Roof Surface



Packing & Shipping

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