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Color steel tile roof installation method


According to the structural form, roof form and bearing capacity of the original building, and taking into account factors such as the actual electricity load and installation capacity of each workshop, the main layout method of the project is: tile layout along the roof slope, and components as roof layout The form and the north slope are set at a certain angle so that the layout of the north slope is consistent with the angle of the south slope.

Different load-bearing color steel tile roof installation methods:

1. When the steel frame or roof trusses and purlins can meet the design requirements and the roof panels are relatively rigid, this method is a more reasonable installation condition. The photovoltaic brackets are connected to the roof panels using connectors and fixed as close to the purlins as possible.

2. Steel frames, roof trusses, and purlins can all meet the design requirements. However, when the roof panel has small steel and large deformation, this type of color steel roof is mainly used in carports, bus waiting halls, breeding farms, etc. with varying degrees of requirements. Too high a place. The photovoltaic bracket can be directly connected to the roof panel at the purlin by a connecting piece, or the connecting piece and the purlin can be connected by penetrating the roof panel.

3. When only the steel frame or roof truss can meet the design requirements, and the purlins and roof panels have a small load-bearing capacity, this arrangement uses connectors to connect to the steel frame or roof trusses. The specific connection and installation method is the same as the connection method of brackets and purlins penetrating the roof panels.

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