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New Vertical Solar System


This innovative ecological farm features a vertical solar system with dual-sided solar panels arranged in an east-west orientation, suitable for vineyards and farms. The vertical layout maximizes energy capture. Additionally, a nearby stream fosters fish farming, with fish waste serving as fertilizer for crops. Solar energy powers irrigation systems, creating a sustainable cycle. The farm provides a weekend retreat for nearby residents, offering fishing and crop-picking activities. It forms an integrated renewable energy ecosystem. Customizable aluminum or steel supports can be designed based on local wind and snow load requirements to meet client specifications.

Egret PV Bifacial Solar Fence enables vertical installation of double-sided solar panels on an industrial scale. lt is suitable for almost every terrain and can be easily installed in the field with justa few screw connections. The vertical system of bifacial PV modules adapts better to ground undulations than traditional farm mounts. It is available for commercial ranches, farms, etc.

The solar system supplies the farm with electricity mainly in the morning and in the afternoon. Besides the provided shading this vertical installation enables the farmer to move his harvesters next to the farm. In this way, wine growing and the production of renewable energy increase the efficiency of land use.

Beyond its sustainable energy practices, this forward-thinking agricultural venture also promotes community engagement and agritourism. The incorporation of a fishery alongside the vertical solar panels not only enhances resource efficiency but creates an interactive experience for visitors. Weekends become an opportunity for nearby residents to reconnect with nature, participating in fishing activities, harvesting crops, and enjoying the scenic surroundings.

The vertical solar system's adaptability to local environmental conditions, such as wind and snow, underscores its resilience. Custom-designed aluminum or steel supports ensure durability and safety, meeting the specific needs of the location. This multi-faceted approach positions the farm as a model for eco-friendly agriculture, fostering a harmonious blend of energy production, sustainable farming, and community recreation.

In addition to the harmonious blend of solar energy, aquaculture, and farming, this innovative eco-farm embraces a holistic approach by allowing free-roaming sheep within its expanse. The inclusion of a grazing pasture for a wandering flock not only contributes to the farm's biodiversity but also provides a natural and eco-friendly method of maintaining vegetation.

As the sheep move freely, their grazing activities help manage the landscape, promoting a balanced ecosystem. This integration of animal husbandry with sustainable energy and agriculture further enhances the farm's regenerative capabilities. Visitors on the weekends can witness the pastoral scene of sheep peacefully coexisting with crops and solar panels, adding to the overall charm of this multifaceted new energy ecosystem.

This vertical solar systems can also be used as city infrastructure – that is, along highways, next to railroads, and as residential or public fences.

Material: Aluminum 6005-T5/ Hot-dip Galvanized Steel

Max Snow Load : 1.4 KN / M 2

Solar Module Orientation: Portait or Landscape

Distance from ground:0.6 - 1.0m

Total height:3m approx.

Row spacing:between rows 10-15 m

Application: Ground

Pre-assembled parts at factory, fast and easy to install

OEM & Sample: Available

Supply Capacity: 6MW/week

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