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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH----The Grounding Rod


Egret solar relying on the research results of the China Institute of Electrical Science and Technology, after years of research and development and innovation accumulation, successfully broke through the technical bottleneck of copper clad steel materials and exothermy welding materials, and successfully applied the material to the national defense energy chemical rail transit and other fields.

Copper clad steel grounding material has been used for decades in the world because of its excellent electrical properties and service life close to copper, and relatively close to steel in construction cost. In order to meet the development goals of the country to build a strong smart grid and ensure the stable, economic and reliable operation of the grounding system of the power transmission and transformation project, Egret Solar commissioned the research on the application technology of copper steel composite materials for the grounding network.

Cases of Construction

Copper Clad Steel(Hot dip galvanizing and cold dip galvanizing) Ground Rod

The vertical grounding rod is made by covering a low carbon steel core with 99.9% electrolytic copper. The copper coating and the steel are bound together in molecular form, It has strong corrosion resistance. Low carbon steel core can be customized according to customer requirements, copper layer thickness.

The material used in the steel core has a tensile strength of up to 600N/mm, so it can be installed to a considerable depth with the help of an impact hammer. The ground rod end thread is rolled after the copper plating process, and the steel and copper layer are rolled together in the thread, making the combination of steel and copper at the thread extremely strong.

The groud rods have the strength of steel, constant low resistivity and strong current carrying capacity, and excellent corrosion resistance of copper.

Ground Rod Connectors

Copper Clad Steel Strand Wires

We solemnly recommend to you the new unique product which you can trust Egreat copper clad steel strand wires. The thickness of each copper layer of the stranded wires are more than 0.25mm, the

conductivity is 25%, 30%, 40% for your choice. And it has good corrosion resistance, the real soft state line is easy to construction. These wires are all meet the power industry standard DL/T1312-2013

"Technical Conditions for Copper Clad Steel for Electrical Engineering Grounding".

The traditional stranded copper layer is thin, and the copper thickness is less than 0.1mm, which does not meet the national standard and is mostly a communication line or welding line transformation, is not a

professional grounding wire, does not meet the relevant national and industry standards, and has been eliminated. The thickness of single side copper layer of Yaoke copper clad steel stranded wire is ≥0.25mm, suitable for ground wire or lightning protection belt diameter between Φ8~Φ14.

Copper Clad Steel Strand Wires

Exothermic Welding-Ground Connections

Grounding Clamp

Grounding clamp is made of silicon brass, excellent workmanship, as a connection medium, excellent quality, can be connected to copper bar, copper clad flat steel, grounding cable, copper rod, copper clad steel stranded wire and other grounding materials. Hundreds of specifications available for your choice.

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