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Egret Solar's Black rapid mid clamp & end clamp are hot selling in the Europe


As an rich experienced manufacturer of professional solar mounting brackets,Egret Solar insists on continuous innovation and product optimization to meet the different needs of clients. Egret Solar offers a variety of Solar fasteners for photovoltaic modules. The systems combine optimum structural dimensioning, short mounting times, economic efficiency and maximum durability, all at attractive prices.

Egret Solar have launched an adjustable Solar rapid mid clamp and Solar rapid end clamp to fit different panel thickness. Especially the black rapid mid clamp and black rapid end clamp are popular in the EU market. all the clamps are also available in black anodized for a better visual appearance on black module frames. And It greatly saving stock costs and the adjustable range suit for variety of thickness of Solar panels.

Egret Solar's new types of solar panel clamps offers many advantages, such as better warehousing thanks to minimal versions, and a grounding pin in every module clamp. No grounding pin also available. Egret Solar’s Rapid Clamps is right for the Aluminum profile 40*40mm and is designed for module frame heights of 30–40mm.The bottom of the aluminum rail is fixed with hexagonal bolts M10*25mm andM10 flange nuts to connect to the solar adjustable roof hook.

The advantages as below:

AL6005-T5 material, highly anti-corrosion.

Natural color & Black color available

Suit for 30-40mm panel height, save stock costs greatly.

L50mm/70mm length , customize length if need.

Insert the random place on the rail, easy & quick installation.

Pre-assembled bolt & quick nut with aluminum part together, saving labour costs.