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Install solar mounting structures on the containers


With the increasing shortage of energy, more and more users are beginning to use new solar products. In the use of solar products, one indispensable equipment is solar photovoltaic bracket equipment. With the development of solar products, solar mounting brackets are also constantly innovating and optimizing.

Solar mounting system have been widely used on rooftop, on the ground, on carports, and farm agriculture for commercial and residential purposes. Egret Solar as an experienced solar mounting structure manufactures, specialized in solar roof mounting system, solar ground mounting system, solar carport mounting system, solar farm agriculture mounting system. Egret Solar closely follow solar photovoltaic development trends and design feasible brackets for various clients. Based on client  feedback and project requirements, Egret solar engineer team designed the container mounting structures.

Install the solar mounting structures on the top of container to generate electricity is a new trends. Especially in the South East Asia countries.

The advantage of container mounting structure:

1.highly preassembled support, saving labour costs.

2.Easy and quick installation.

3.Free land application.

4.AL material with high anti-corrosion.

5.No penetrate for the container, waterproof. Resist the high wind speed and snow load.

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