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Solar roof mounting system


The environment of the roof solar energy installation system includes sloping roof, flat roof, the installation needs to conform to the roof environment, without destroying the inherent structure and self-waterproofing system, the roof materials include glazed tiles, coloured steel tiles, linoleum tiles, concrete surfaces and so on. For different roofing materials, different installation system solutions are used.

Roofs are divided into two types of slopes and flat surfaces according to the angle of inclination, so there are various options for the angle of inclination of roof solar energy systems. For sloped roofs, flat roofs are usually arranged in a way that conforms to the slope of the roof, or they can be arranged at a certain angle of inclination with the roof, but this practice is relatively complicated and there are fewer cases; for flat roofs there are two options, namely, flat roofs and those that are tilted at a certain angle.

1) Ceramic roof mounting system

Glazed tile is a building material made of soft and hard raw materials such as alkaline earth and alabaster after extrusion and plastic pressure firing, with brittle material and poor load-bearing capacity. In the installation process, hooks are generally used to fix with the wooden beams of the room body under the glazed tile to support the whole set of system tracks, and the hooks are usually designed into a porous style, which can flexibly and effectively realise the position adjustment of the installation system. Components and tracks are connected by track pressure blocks.

2) Color steel tile roof installation system

Colour steel plate is thin steel plate formed by cold pressing or cold rolling. Colour steel tile has the advantages of light unit weight, high strength, good seismic performance, fast construction and beautiful appearance.

Common roofing colour steel tiles are generally divided into: upright locking edge type, angle chi type, snap type, fixed parts connection type.

When installing the solar energy system on the roof of colour steel tile, it is necessary to fully consider the shape of colour steel tile and its load-bearing capacity to determine the way of installing the system fixed. It is also possible to customise the suitable fixture according to the site conditions.

3) Cement roof installation system

Concrete roof solar mounting system generally or consider ballast or carbon steel racking platform. Ballast is mainly fixed by cement and self-weight, and the structure is simple and easy to construct. Carbon steel platform needs to be fixed with expansion bolts or pre-embedded bolts. The calculation of the cement piers needs to be designed according to the wind speed and the load bearing of the roof.

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