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Effective Maintenance Strategies for Solar Photovoltaic Panels


The maintenance methods for solar photovoltaic panels are as follows:

Regular cleaning: Timely remove dust, water, and other pollutants to prevent dust accumulation, neutralization, and adhesion, which can lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the solar panels.

Enhance protection: Take measures conducive to protecting the solar panels, such as adding sunscreens, protective nets, etc.

Regular inspection: Check whether the connections on the panels and brackets are secure, ensure good heat dissipation, and inspect for any signs of burning or damage to the panels.

Pay attention to usage: When using electrical equipment, take care to protect the panels from wear and tear.

Lightning protection measures: Install electrostatic lightning protection devices and other measures for effective lightning protection.

Choose an installation company: Select an installation company with standardized management, and ensure that necessary inspections and maintenance are conducted during installation.

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