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Egret Solar new product? 40B rail for solar mounting system


As a solar mounting system company, Egret Solar has been developing new products to meet the needs of customers in different markets.Recently, 40B rail developed by us has won unanimous praise from foreign customers.This new 40B Rail solves the problem of only fixing the Hook and Hanger Bolt from one side,this not only makes full use of the bottom and sides of the Rail, but also increases the choice of Hooks.40B Rail is used for solar panels, its light weight, cheap, and can be used in a variety of hooks and fixtures.40B Rail is very suitable for various solutions installed in Roof System/Carport System/Ground System/Agriculture System,to meet the requirements of different customers, and its advantages are High strength, Anti-UV, high frequency insulation

Common 47 rail is to lock the bolt and Nut from the side, so as to fix the Universal roof hook "EG-SS-SH01" and L feet.

And the ordinary 40 Rail with rapid mid clamp and rapid end clamp locks the rail connector from the bottom,adjustable roof hook "EG-SS-SH06" with adapter and hanger bolt.

Now this 40B rail can fix accessories multilaterally.

40B Rail Advantage:

1.Material is Anodized aluminum 6005-T5 which is anti-corrosion.

2.OEM service.

3.Match with different types of solar roof hook for connecting.

4.Save 30% costs for your solar mounting system.

Egret Solar provides easier to install and safer solar mounting brackets, and has developed a series of high-level bracket systems. We not only provide high-quality original products, but also cherish our customers, guarantee delivery time for our partners, and provide high-quality services and comprehensive solutions.

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