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Egret solar company is a specialist in the photovoltaic bracket industry


Photovoltaic bracket is regarded as the "skeleton" of photovoltaic power station, and is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing photovoltaic modules in photovoltaic power generation system, which has an important impact on the life and power generation efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system. In the context of countries around the world actively responding to climate warming, the installed scale of photovoltaic power generation is growing rapidly, and the demand for photovoltaic brackets is also rising. The China Photovoltaic Industry Association, citing relevant data, said that the cumulative installed capacity of tracking brackets between 2022 and 2030 is expected to reach 830 GW, driving a market of $76 billion.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the solar industry, EGRET SOLAR specializes in providing high-quality solar mounting solutions with decades of experience in solar market. Today, I wanted to highlight our exceptional solar N type ground mounting systems.

Solar Ground Mounting System is specially designed for large scale ground solar projects, and it can work with concrete bases or ground screws depending on different soil conditions.

With AL-6005 Aluminium alloy material, the whole structure has an excellent anti-corrosive ability and better appearance comparing steel structure, and highly pre-assembled light weight support helps to save labor cost and installation time.

1. Solar photovoltaic systems for rooftop or large-scale ground projects.

2. Provide customized solutions according to specific project design.

3. The main structure adopts economic carbon steel material, simple manufacturing process, high production efficiency and large output.

4.Independent structural design to minimize installation time and construction costs.

5.Product corrosion resistance, hydrochloric acid resistance, economical application.

If you're in search of a high-quality solar ground mounting system, you definitely don't want to overlook this opportunity! Thank you!

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