Solar Asphalt Roof Hook
  • Solar Asphalt Roof HookSolar Asphalt Roof Hook
  • Solar Asphalt Roof HookSolar Asphalt Roof Hook
  • Solar Asphalt Roof HookSolar Asphalt Roof Hook
  • Solar Asphalt Roof HookSolar Asphalt Roof Hook

Solar Asphalt Roof Hook

Asphalt shingle roof hooks are the most versatile mounting brackets suitable for asphalt shingle roofs.Hooks designed for asphalt shingle roofs provide the best,simple solution.Non-adjustable side mounting, pre-assembled components, quick installation, save time and labor.It is a new breakthrough in the installation of photovoltaic modules on different roofs, which not only ensures the beauty of the roof, but also maximizes the benefits of solar installation.

Name: Solar asphalt roof hook
Brand: Egret Solar
Product Origin: Fujian, China
Material: Aluminium
Warranty: 12years
Duration: 25years
Shipping Port: Xiamen Port
Lead Time: 7-15 days
Max Wind Speed: 60m/s
Max Snow Load: 1.4kn/㎡

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Product Description

Advantages :

1.Flexibility and security ;

2.Withstand strong wind speed and snow load ;

3.Pre-assembled components ;

4.Specially designed for the structure of asphalt shingles with side-mounted rails;

5.12-year warranty;

For the asphalt tile roofing, it is simple and convenient for installing, our solar tile roof hooks can be fixed directly to the surface, because there is a layer of asphalt on the tile roofing.Installation Instruction for asphalt tile roof hook:

Asphalt tile roof hook is designed to fit most flat roof.

1. Choose a suitable installation location, locate and mark the rafters.

2. Place the Hook and pre-drilled two holes with the 3/16”Drill Bit.

3. Remove the Hook, clear the debris, and fill the pre-drilled holes with sealant.

4. Place and mount the Hook using the Solar Screws.


1. What is solar asphalt roof hook?

Solar asphalt roof hook is a type of mounting system used for attaching solar panels to an asphalt shingle roof. It is installed onto the roof and provides a secure foundation for the solar panels.

2. How is solar asphalt roof hook installed?

Solar asphalt roof hook is installed by lifting up the shingles at a certain area on the roof and then attaching the hook to the roof decking. Once the hook has been installed, the shingles are laid back down over the top of it.

3. Can solar asphalt roof hook be used with other types of roofing materials?

No, solar asphalt roof hook is designed specifically for use with asphalt shingle roofs. If you have a different type of roofing material, you will need to use a different type of mounting system.

4. How much weight can solar asphalt roof hook support?

The weight capacity of solar asphalt roof hook depends on the specific product, but most are designed to support several hundred pounds.

5. Are solar asphalt roof hooks compatible with all types of solar panels?

No, solar asphalt roof hooks are designed to be used with specific solar panel models and brands. It's important to ensure that the solar panel you choose is compatible with the specific roof hook you plan to use.

6. Can solar asphalt roof hooks be used for commercial applications?

Yes, solar asphalt roof hooks can be used for residential and commercial applications alike. They are a cost-effective and reliable solution for solar panel installation on asphalt shingle roofs.

Overall, solar asphalt roof hooks are a convenient and durable equipment for solar panel installation on an asphalt shingle roof, making it easier to install and maintain the panels on the roof.

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