Bonding Jumper
  • Bonding JumperBonding Jumper
  • Bonding JumperBonding Jumper
  • Bonding JumperBonding Jumper
  • Bonding JumperBonding Jumper

Bonding Jumper

Xiamen Egret Solar New Energy Technology Co.Ltd. has launched a product called a bonding jumper, which establishes an electrical connection between two pieces of anodized aluminum or galvanized steel. Our reliable and efficient bonding jumpers ensure electrical continuity in large spans or air gaps between metal structures, making them the first choice of industry professionals.

Brand : Egret Solar
Color : silver, natural color
Lead Time:10-15 Days
Certification :ISO/SGS/CE
Payment :T/T,Paypal
Product Origin : China
Shipping Port :Xiamen

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Product Description

Our bonding jumpers excel in this area, providing customers with products that are corrosion-resistant, highly conductive and have excellent mechanical strength. Our team of professionals work tirelessly to create products with unparalleled durability, ensuring your system or product will keep running for the long haul.

Main features:

Corrosion resistance:
We understand the importance of being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Our bonding jumpers are engineered to resist corrosion, ensuring proper operation in even the harshest environments.
With exceptional conductivity, our bonding jumper provides an uninterrupted, low-resistance path for current to flow. This ensures that your earthing system remains efficient, preventing any potential downtime or disruptions.

Mechanical Strength:
Our bonding jumper has been engineered to possess outstanding mechanical strength, making it highly resistant to deformation or breakage. This means that our product can withstand the stresses and demands of even the most challenging environments.

Our bonding jumper can be used in construction projects, power plants, substations and transmission lines. It complies with all industry standards and regulations and is rigorously tested to ensure its reliability and effectiveness.

If you are looking for a high-quality bonding jumpers that excels in all aspects of design, functionality and performance, then our product, With its excellent corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, our connection jumper is a Perfect choice.


Product name bonding jumpers
Surface Treatment copper, aluminum 6005-T5, stainless steel SUS304
Material plastic
Specification OEM
Wind Load 60m/s
Snow load 1.2KN/M²
Warranty 12Years
Specification Normal,customized.


1. What is a bonding jumper?

A bonding jumper is an electrical conductor that connects two metal objects in order to establish electrical continuity between them. This helps to reduce differences in voltage between the objects and reduce the risk of electric shock.

2. When should I use a bonding jumper?

A bonding jumper should be used whenever there is a risk of two metal objects having a difference in voltage that could result in electric shock. This can include situations where electrical systems are being repaired or installed, or where multiple electrical systems come into contact with each other.

3. How do I know which type of bonding jumper to use?

The type of bonding jumper needed will depend on the specific situation and the type of metal objects being bonded. Some factors to consider when selecting a bonding jumper include the material strength, the size of the conductors, and the physical environment where the bonding will take place.

4. Can bonding jumpers prevent electrical fires?

While bonding jumpers can help reduce the risk of electrical shock, they typically do not directly prevent electrical fires. However, proper bonding can help ensure that electrical systems are functioning safely and reduce the risk of electrical malfunctions that could lead to fires.

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